International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University

International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University

Requisition number : IRIDeS03

Tohoku University is currently seeking a faculty position

Faculty Position Prof.
Affiliation Regional and Urban Reconstruction Research Division
Regional Safety Engineering Research Field
Research field This research field contributes to the formulation of a multitiered fail-safe system to assure the safety of regional communities and enhances the performance, functionality and optimality of infrastructures by means of computational mechanics.  To do this, numerical analysis methods are used to quantitatively evaluate the macroscopic mechanical properties of structural materials such as steels, geotechnical materials and concrete, and characterize the damage and degradation of these materials in their specific environments by incorporating the multi-physics phenomena found within their heterogeneous micro-structures.
Qualification Requirements The successful applicant will have a Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Disaster Science or a related discipline. For applicants at the Associate Professor level, relevant postdoctoral experience and demonstrated potential for excellence in research will be required. Applications at the Professor level will require all of the above plus a well-established research program with a record of extramural funding.
Application Prescribed application forms (Click the icon below to download.)
1. Curriculum Vitae and Research Activities:Form 1-1,Form 1-2
2. Past activities on one page of A4 or letter size:Form 2
3. Statement toward activities in the IRIDeS on one page of A4 or letter size:Form 3
4. Reprints of Selected best 10 academic papers
All documents must be written in English. However, if some presentation or publication contents are in Japanese, those portions can be documented in Japanese. (e.g., for presentations made to a Japanese academic society or patents acquired in Japan.) Documents shall be submitted in A4 or letter sized paper with your name written on each document and should be in the digital files such as PDF format in the CD media. The documents submitted shall not be returned.
Term of Employment From April 2012 or after the selection, on the following contact basis
Prof. ; 10 years in the first term, extensions are possible, after judgment in the committee
Assoc.Prof. ; 10 years in the first term, only one extension is possible, after judgment in the committee
Salary Payment will be made in accordance with the University’s rules and regulations.
Deadline March 30, 2012 (Friday), 5:00PM at Japan Standard Time (UTC/GMT+9:00)
Submission of Application Forms The printed documents and CD with the digital files should be sent by air mail to
Office of International Research Institute of Disaster Science
Campus of School of Engineering, Tohoku University
Aoba 6-6-04, Sendai 980-8579, Japan
Selection 1st screening: application documents review (The results will be informed to applicants after the submission).
2nd screening (for qualifiers only) if needed: Interviews and presentations in English to be conducted.
Inquiries Should you have any questions, please e-mail the Institute. Inquiries should be directed to Professor Fumihiko Imamura:
imamura [at]

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